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Book review: Joseph Pinto’s – A Distilled Spirit (@JosephAPinto)

Joseph Pinto’s A Distilled Spirit: pained prose from a bar focuses on the author’s reviewobservations, musings, and discoveries from his everyday life put to pen to reach an audience who will want to engage, understand, and embrace the words within. There are many poems of altering lengths, styles, and musings which ensure there will be something to everyone. But don’t expect rainbows and happiness, these poems speak of pain, anger, and the darker sides of the human emotional scale.

Joseph Pinto’s A Distilled Spirit: pained prose from a bar is a collection of dark and brooding poetry that conjures images of pain, despair, hatred, and impatience, a lot of things that can be associated with late-night drinking.  I am not normally one to read poetry but I picked this up on a friend’s recommendation and found the content certainly stirred something within me. These poems give insight into a delicate psyche as thoughts, conversations, and observations are brought to the forefront and twisted to the author’s own interpretations. Written in different styles with individual topics and focuses there will be something everyone can relate to, whether it is snap judgements made through observation, frustrations, or desperately seeking solitude amidst interruptions. There is a raw, unfiltered honesty to these poems that show the worst of people and harsh truths unleashed by human’s darker aspects and captured by a poison pen that encourages the reader to dare to look into their own soul with such brutal honesty. Definitely, a darker read filled with pain, torment, hatred, and anger, but there is a softer side too, something almost hopeful in places.

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