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Book review: Sara J. Bernhardt – In Gray (@SaraJBernhardt1)

When Daisy was in an accident the colour drained from her life, but in its place, she had reviewsomething else, prophetic dreams. It was the only time she saw colour, the problem was, these dreams are about people about to die, people she has to save. Just like someone had saved her from the accident. The thing is, she was the only one who remembered the handsome boy pulling her from the wreckage, and her very memory of him puts her in danger. She should have died that day and now someone is seeking to balance the scales.

Sara J. Bernhardt’ In Gray is a gripping paranormal romance complete with an engaging plot filled with danger, mystery, confusion, and the bonds of friendship and love. Witten in a first person perspective you are drawn straight into Daisy’s grayscale world. I enjoyed how the author used dialogue and character interactions to drive the plot forward in a fluid motion as we uncover, piece by piece, the danger and mystery surrounding Daisy’s life and the boy she remembers having saved her. A sweet romance and an enjoyable read.

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