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Book review: Eva Alton – Stray Witch (@EvaAlton)

Stray Witch is book one in Eva Alton’s The Vampires of Emberbury series. Alba had reviewsuffered her husband’s abuse for years. He was a hotshot lawyer with a mean temper who threw the threat of divorce as easily as he threw his verbal insults and the occasional strike. But this time he was serious, he hid the valuables, blocked the bank accounts, and vowed to take the children from her. So when Clarence found her the job offer seemed like just the change she had needed. As a stray witch she could live with the vampires, helping them with day to day activities, the thing is, she’s not sure she believes in vampires and magic. One thing she does believe in is monsters, and not all of them have fangs.


In Eva Alton’s paranormal romance Stray Witch we meet Alba, struggling mum with issues of self-confidence drilled into her from years trapped in a loveless and toxic marriage. Written in the alternating first-person perspective of Alba and Clarence the reader is allowed a glimpse into their intertwined lives as two people, who shouldn’t have fallen in love, try to discover their feelings and themselves. I enjoyed watching Alba gain confidence, even though she is he own worst enemy at times. Both Alba and Clarence make strong characters enhanced by the supporting cast as they make difficult decisions and discoveries about themselves and each other. As for Mark’s character, the author did an amazing job of creating someone I really hated. I spent all of his scenes hoping something horrific would happen to him. Wow, what an ass. Self-discovery, romance, heartbreak, and challenges fill this sweet romance in which you can’t help but root for the main characters.


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