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Book review: Jay Veloso Batista – Thorfinn and the Witches Curse (@JayVBatista)

In Jay Veloso Batista’s, Thorfinn and the Witches Curse, it started long ago when a witch reviewwas slain, but for Finn, his troubles began when he visited the tower where she met her demise. He hadn’t even wanted to go if only he’d listened to his instincts and stayed away. He knew of the witch’s curse, knew the tale well from nights gathered sharing stories, but something drove him there that day, be it peer pressure or destiny. But after visiting Finn’s brother, Sorven becomes sick, and Finn swears he saw a figure, the witch, standing over him. With his brother cursed, growing weaker he has no choice to return to her home, to try to reverse what was done. Only there are consequences he couldn’t expect, complications he never imagined. A boy by day, a ghost by night he now has the problems of two realms on his shoulders. His uncle is in danger, his life on the line, somehow Finn must come to accept all he is and the danger that forever stalks him, because if he can’t if he fails, more than just his own life is on the line.

The first thing you will notice about Jay Veloso Batista’s, Thorfinn and the Witches Curse is the complete immersion in the world. Vibrant descriptions and masterful scene settings draw you into a time of ages past where you will truly feel as if you are stood in the hustle and bustle of the world, absorbing its every detail as it unfolds around you to provide a strong and realistic setting. The characters are distinctive, each possessing their own story arc which adds to the full feel of the world and the depth of people within and they are taken on a rollercoaster ride of excitement, fear, and intrigue. Action, danger, change, and adventure combine in a plot filled with myth, superstition, legend, and the supernatural. An entertaining read with great scene-setting and plot development.


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