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Book review: Charley Blackwolf – Magdalene – Skjaldmaer

Magdalene - Skjaldmaer by Charley Blackwolf is a romantic fiction set in the modern day. During the time of the Vikings, a special name was given to powerful female warriors, Skjaldmaer, meaning shieldmaiden. Now in 2019 the era of the Vikings is now in the past, yet there are still those who could, perhaps, do… Continue reading Book review: Charley Blackwolf – Magdalene – Skjaldmaer

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Book review: Nena – Ann Boelter

Nena knew the gods would one day choose a man for her, but at nineteen it seemed they were waiting. In earnest, Nena had no qualms about this delay. She loved her life as a warrior, the feel of a weapon in her hand, the thrill of battle. All the things she loved about her… Continue reading Book review: Nena – Ann Boelter