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Book review: Brian Lambert – Ascension

Michael and Kyle were brothers in both arms and blood, but any in the Black Knights review.jpgwould stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder. They would out their life in the hands of their fellow guild members without question. Experience from the twenty-year war had taught many lessons, ones the other guilds serving the king of Avalon did not always understand, as such they were the only ones Shawn could trust at his back on a mission of grave importance. When a rumour from the Count of Lyoness whispers of the King’s Warriors inciting war with heinous, unspeakable acts, there was a choice to be made, peace or war. One thing is clear, someone attached protected villages, someone seeking to implicate Avalon, is behind these attacks, the question is who, and what are their motives?

At 590 pages Ascension by  Brian Lambert makes for an entertaining read. At this length many readers may find the segregation into only nine chapters an unusual choice, but fear not, within each are scene breaks that can act as a good place to stop when you need to put it down. The is an attention to hierarchy and guilds that will put people in mind of the detail paid to such things in Game of Thrones. Realistic relationships make for not only conflict within the Black Knights, but their tightly knit relationship means they can overlook such things to stand beside their brother in arms as needed. A detailed and descriptive style of writing provides vivid and clear descriptions of places, people, and things to create clear imagery to the lands and its people and adding to the world building undertaken. An amalgamation of action, adventure, challenges, tension, drama, faith, honour, revenge, legacies, and justice fill the pages of this griping journey and provide an exciting foundation and foothold for the next book in the The Chrusion Saga.


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Book review: The Secret of the Sacred Scarab by Fiona Ingram (@FionaRobyn )

Adam and Justin could hardly wait, a trip to Egypt with their aunt was a dream come reviewtrue, little did they know the danger that awaited. A missing archaeologist, a strange feeling of being followed, and a secret entrusted to them, all marks the start of a gripping adventure that will take them to places beyond their greatest dreams in an attempt to unravel the mysteries before their own lives become forfeit.

When I first picked up Fiona Ingram’s The Secret of the Sacred Scarab I did not begin to imagine the fantastical adventure I would be whisked away on. I loved the rich and vibrant characters and their portrayal, especially their close familial relationship. I found myself grinning, cringing, and releasing bated breaths as I was drawn into a tale that could be straight from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Majestic  descriptions make imagining the land easy.  If you have never been to Egypt you’ll get an amazing feel for the sights and atmosphere, and if you have, like myself, you’ll find a vividness in the writing that will stir memories from your own experiences there. There’s action, danger, secrets, and a mystery just begging to be solved. Without a doubt a griping and amazing read whether you’re old or young. The Secret of the Sacred Scarab gets my heartfelt recommendation. I can’t wait until my son is a few years older and we can read this gripping tale together.

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Book review: Battle of the Bannockburn: The Saga of Thistles and Roses (The Warrior Queen Book 3) by Karen Gray

Karen Gray remains to date my favourite author, and that is not a position I offer to just anyone. I find Karen’s work to be the very essence of fantasy at its best. She brings to life 51fpuMb7leL._SX345_BO1,204,203,200_an enormous cast of characters, each with depth, backstory, and involved history. The stories themselves are emotionally gripping, full of twists, unexpected revelations and not to mention magic and creatures thought to be only legend. Karen easily creates a full and complete world, inclusive of strife, and it is a world that just becomes more engrossing with every turn of the page.

It took a few days for me to read cover to cover and I was once more left in awe of this author’s skill.

Book three, whilst progressing with the main story arc also Continue reading “Book review: Battle of the Bannockburn: The Saga of Thistles and Roses (The Warrior Queen Book 3) by Karen Gray”

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Book review: A Soul Divided (The Blood Fire Trilogy Book 1) by Daniel M Quilter

I am going to start off by saying I absolutely loved this book, and for me that is not a phrase I utter lightly, in fact over the course of all my reviews I have maybe uttered this 41QXNzJwyaL__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_phrase two or three times.

The plot focuses mainly on the plights of Drake as he is drawn into a situation only he is capable of handling. Of course, it doesn’t help matters that Drake is on the opposing side of the war, the Mystics versus the Human Empire. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and in order to save his legacy the king of the Human Empire must recruit his aid. Fortunately for the King, Drake’s own brother serves within his ranks. As the war rages on, and truths hidden from even some of the royals are unveiled, the situation becomes more desperate, the stakes higher, as Drake tries to deliver his end of the deal.

Continue reading “Book review: A Soul Divided (The Blood Fire Trilogy Book 1) by Daniel M Quilter”

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Author interview: LK Kelley

It is my great pleasure to present to you LK Kelley, author of The White Wolf Prophecy and the upcoming series the Anaerris Code. Titles in the White Wolf Prophecy include Mating, The Hall of Records and Scroll of Time. The latter title is the only one I have yet to read and review, and it is very quickly making its way to the top of my list, especially with the events driven through books one and two.

About the author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

First, KJ, I am honored that you asked me to participate in your Symposium, and I thank you.

I was born in…well, the date isn’t really important, is it? 😉 But, I was adopted at the age of lk kelley7 months by Jerry & Curtis Smith in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I attended all local schools, and graduated from UAFS with a major in music, specifically voice, and a minor in English. When I was 17, my parents and I traveled to Europe, bought a car, and drove all over Europe and England by ourselves, and we had many amazing experiences doing so.  I took ballet, tap, jazz, and eventually, toe for 7 years, and have sung since the age of 5.  I have worked in retail, law, real estate appraisal, and lawn care. I am also a professional Cake Decorator (icing sculpture) and Interior Decorator. Currently, I work part time at Sam’s Club.  I am married to an amazing man who puts up with a lot from me, and we have one daughter, who, coincidentally, looks most like the girl on my book covers! 😉  And, an FYI…I designed all my own bookcovers thanks to some really great photographers!

What are your hobbies?

I love collecting tea sets, particularly Belleek Porcelain, and I have an extensive collection of Walt Disney World Pins. I do crafts of all kinds:  from embroidery to needlepoint, to designing and making something from nothing, painting murals, and so much more.

Which writers inspire you?

Excellent question.  I absolutely adore classic Science Fiction and both classic and current, Paranormal as well as Romance books.  My favorites, and it comes as no surprise to SciFi lovers, are Jules Verne and HG Wells.  Their vision of what eventually came true, has always led me to actually wonder how they were so accurate in many things that we have today. Because of them, my imagination ran rampant, and I’ve always had an active one to boot!  My current favorite writers are Karen Marie Moning and Quinn Loftis. Continue reading “Author interview: LK Kelley”

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Darrienia and Herbal Lore are now available.

Darrienia and Herbal Lore are now available.

If you enjoy fantasy, or would like to know more about the uses of herbs in magical or medicinal practices, don’t forget to pick up your copy today.

By buying one of my books you will also be helping to support either the neonatal department of the UHNM or the St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS)

Herbal Lore

UK £1.99

US $2.99


UK £3.99

US $4.99

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Work in progress

Hi all and welcome to my blog.  I am fairly new to social media and a complete novice at blogging.  These are things I am attempting to correct in hope to meet new people and (I won’t lie) hopefully generate a following for my work.

I am an aspiring fantasy author, although currently seeking agent representation for my work I do have high hopes that at some point in the future my work will be available for the public.

It’s an exciting time, my worst enemy at the moment is impatience.  I have worked really hard on ensuring the quality of my work, the strength of plot and characters.  I am eager to hear something, anything back from the people I have submitted my work to.  I have already received two rejections, yet one of them had a positive spins and advised  that the work wasn’t quite right for them, but I should keep looking.  It was a much nicer rejection than the form letters or no replies I had anticipated.  I imagine I will have many more rejections, but it only takes one person to say yes, one person to believe that my work is a good fit for their company.  I am optimistic, optimistic but impatient, I really want people to read my work, to hear what they think, good or bad, every opinion.

I plan to keep this blog as a record of my thoughts and progress on my aim of becoming a published author, if you are reading it, I hope you’ll enjoy sharing this journey with me.