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Book review: Sarah Ashwood – Knight’s Rebirth (@1sarahashwood)

In Sarah Ashwood’s Knight’s Rebirth, Sir Buckhunter Dornley was renowned. He reviewtravelled, attend tournaments and came away victorious. Women fawned over the knight, men spoke of his great deeds, and yet no one was ever able to catch his eye. There was a reason for this, of course, he loved his life of hunting dragons, adventures, and freedom. The last thing he wanted was to be ensnared by a woman’s wiles. He would take their favours, but nothing more, with his winnings in hand he would quickly depart, not daring to linger in case he found himself wed and trapped. For years this had worked, for years he had been happy with his life, until fate placed a princess in the place he sought rest. Little did he know the danger of loving her, what he must do to earn her hand, and what he would have to sacrifice for love.
Knight’s Rebirth is an unusual spin of fairytale romance and magic by Sarah Ashwood. Sir Buckhunter Dornley is an arrogant, egocentric man, skilled with his weapon and sharp with his tongue. The true theme of this story is the metamorphosis possible through love. Watching this man change and grow through the influence of Princess Mercy was a wonderful adventure, almost as much as the quest he must undertake to prove himself worthy. I enjoyed how the tale was dictated as a first-person recounting, the reason for which becomes more apparent at the end. I also favoured the unique touch of the narrator’s, aka Sir Buck’s, break from the story at the start of each chapter to provide his own thoughts and take on events. Love, change, challenges, and a touch of magic make this an endearing read, while mystery, action, and danger keep the reader hooked.

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