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Book review: Nicholas Woode-Smith – Part-Time Monster Hunter (@Zaggeta)

In Nicholas Woode-Smith‘s Part-Time Monster Hunter, Kat Drummond was a novelty at reviewfirst. She was young and her rates were the cheapest. They had to be, she needed to pay rent and eat, not to mention find the money to study. Life as a monster hunter, even a part-time one, was challenging. If not for the ghostly knight, who had become tethered to her in a time of need, she probably wouldn’t have survived. Balancing her two lives at times seemed impossible, not to mention trying to find a lead on the person responsible for the death of her parents. She hopes to avenge them, but first, she must do what she can, and with the number of undead rising, and a new necromancer on the scene, Kat is once more drawn into the centre stage, hoping to put a stop to the terror that plagues her home, and maybe find some answers along the way.

Part-Time monster hunter is the first book in Nicholas Woode-Smith‘s Kat Drummond series. This beautifully straight-forward plot engages the reader from start to finish, taking them along on the journey of Kat’s life, told mainly from her first-person perspective. A lot of thought and imagination has been invested in this post-cataclysmic world, from mythos and monsters, to the alteration in lifestyles, work, and danger. I loved how the class divide was portrayed, how evil manifested, and the growing sense of tension. Kat is a kick-ass protagonist, young, bursting with attitude and moxie, and perhaps sometimes more fearless, and blinded by her own rage, than is good for her. I enjoyed following her story. The supporting roles played by her close friends, and contacts only proved to further enhance the plot. If you’re looking for a supernatural, action-packed, heart-pounding read, full of magic and chaos, with a strong female lead then give this book a whirl.

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