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Book review: Jennifer Chase – Her Last Whisper (@JChaseNovelist)

In Jennifer Chase’s, Her Last Whisper, Katie has just started her role as a cold-case reviewdetective. After two deployments in Afghanistan, she was ready for something else, even if her undiagnosed PTSD was unwilling the release its grasp on her. Her first case was only six months old, a kidnapping. Throwing herself into the investigation she is determined to close this, unaware the quest the kidnapper was pursuing was still underway. Her cold case soon becomes red hot as murder and another kidnapping ensue. Katie is determined to solve this, to unravel the clues and evidence before it is too late. But someone is watching her, leaving her strange notes, do they know more than they are willing to say or is the killer toying with her? One thing is for sure, she is determined to get to the bottom of it, and nothing will get in her way.
Her Last Whisper is an entertaining multi-faceted crime drama and the second book in Jennifer Chase’s Detective Katie Scott series. While book number two it works perfectly as a stand-alone read. With love, mystery, and suspense the reader will find it easy to become engaged with Kaitie’s investigation. This crime fiction combines romance, with police investigations, life as a former soldier, and even a touch on K-9 training. Katie is a great main character with a rich and believable personality. Her commitment to the case becomes her central focus, and her determination and perseverance are just a few of her admirable qualities. I enjoyed watching everything come together as the plot takes shape, and how experience in other investigations and situations helped to shape her discovery. Clearly, a tremendous effort went into ensuring this was a realistic and believable plot and setting which is further enhanced by the talented storytelling capabilities of the author and their writing style. Mystery, intrigue, danger, will tantalise a reader’s imagination in this can’t put down read.

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