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Book review: Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait – Ashera of Kingswood (@CherylRushCowp1)

In Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait’s, Ashera of Kingswood, the forest known as Kingswood reviewhad been cried by Ashera’s own tears and those of her mother. She had protected it, guarded its inhabitants, and looked after the people. But all that changed when the king took a wife. An unnatural winter descended across the land bringing suffering and hardship to both city and forest dwellers alike. With no other choice, Ashera journeys to the city, hoping to still the neverending winter and confront the one who brought it upon them. But who is she to stand in the way of a god who appears to have entered an accord with the queen before the death of her husband. Unlike the good king, the queen cares nothing for her subjects, they go cold and hungry for her amusement. Something has to change, and Ashera vows to see things returned to how they should be, no matter the cost, but little does she know there is another danger approaching, one that once took everything she loved from her, and now it’s back for more.
Ashera of Kingswood is a fairytale fantasy novel by Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait centring around the city of Greenwood and Kingswood forest. With enchanting world-building complete with magic and magical creatures, readers will find the charm they expect from a fairytale, combined with the magic, danger, and whimsy known to the fantasy genre. It was fun watching the plot and dangers unfold as well as bearing witness to the alteration in characters as they are tempered by events. Old gods, ancient secrets, and an age-old grudge breathe depth into the scenes and conjure a sense of increasing urgency as everything is put on the line. I found the interactions between Ashera and Tamel sweet as their mutual affection begins to blossom and grow. A sweet, simple, fairytale that will delight and entertain.

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