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Book review: D.W. Saur – The Last Christmas (@DW_Saur)

In D.W. Saur’s, The Last Christmas, three suitcases were all Sara’s life had amounted to, reviewand these had been waiting for her on the porch when she got home, along with a note from her husband terminating their marriage. Without a plan, she got in her car and drove. She had no idea where she was going, but when she saw the for sale sign she knew fate had led her here, to a place she remembered as a child. The old Christmas tree farm had long seen better days, but when the owner gave her an offer too good to refuse she knew she would do everything it would take to restore this old family farm to its former glory. This would be her legacy, and with its Christmas magic, perhaps it would bring something to her new life her old one lacked.

The Last Christmas is a romance novel written by author D.W. Saur. Sara is left alone, homeless and almost penniless after her husband changes the locks. Chance, happenstance, and some exceedingly good fortune follow Sara as she starts her new life, free labour, a job, a loan, all falls into place for her as she tries to revive the farm through hard work and imagination. This is a straightforward story, sweet in its simplicity as she navigates any issues with support and ease, and the relationship between her and Jack grows. Personally, I would have liked more depth from the characters, and felt like I was witnessing them falling in love rather than being told it happened. Community comradery, dreams, and love are central to this endearing tale. I enjoyed the setting and watching Sara’s dream come alive. I also appreciated how this started and finished as a tale being told by Sara to her own family, so from the start we see how her hard work became her happily ever after.

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