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Book review: Stephen Kunkler – Soul Release

Risan Ingel possesses the strongest soul in the human world, the strongest to ever exist. reviewOr at least that is what Light, the angel from Henava, tells him along with the news that he is about to be hunted and possessed by denom. Risan is destined to become a Spirit Guardian, but 99% of those tested fail. Forced to execute the five forsaken sins by Vetogro, Risan is opened to a demon, and with Light’s help he is taken back into the past where he will be required to train and grow stronger, aligning and strengthening his soul power. Vetogro has dark and sinister plans; he intends to turn the world of Man upside down, and Risan is now Man’s only hope. But does he have enough time to learn everything he must to become a force worthy of confronting this threat, and can he survive the challenges before him?

Soul Release by Stephen Kunkler is a metaphysical fantasy aimed at the new adult and younger age range that would translate well into an anime, and appeal to a target audience of manga and anime fans. It follows the tale of Risan and his transcendence into a Spirit Guardian. There is action, enlightenment, manipulation and superpowers as the forces of light stand against the latest threat to the world of Man. Action and danger fill the pages as the strongest human soul is pitted against a powerful enemy. This is a tale of self-discovery as Risan begins to learn everything his new responsibilities entail. As a character, he makes for a strong protagonist and has his own distinctive personality that is enhanced by the supporting characters. He has a lot to learn in a short time, and the journey is certainly a fun one for the reader.


Book link:


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Book review: Shane Lassetter -Veterans Affairs (@OutlastZombies )

John had lost both his parents to scum, and the law never brought justice. He lost his reviewmother first, his father raised him as best he could, and inadvertently gave him a passion for gaming, and a means to obtain his next contract. World of Warcraft was just that, a place where John could be contacted to continue his own war of the world of scum, those the law could not bring to justice. His military training had been part of his plan, giving him the skills he would need, and his passion for writing presented just the excuse he needed to travel. A writer by day, an assassin as the need arose. He could not bring back those lost, or undo the wrongs already committed, but he could stop them from happening again.

Veterans Affairs is the first in Shane Lassetter’s A John Parks Novel. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it does the soul good to see the bad guys brought to justice, and the imaginative ways in which it can be achieved, not only through John’s training, but also through things he has watched and sought inspiration from. Veterans Affairs runs at a steady pace as we meet John, learn of his past, contacts, friendships, and plan, as we are drawn into his hectic life and building relationships. There is some great character and plot development which lead me to believe that this could be an enjoyable series for many books to come. Justice, judgement, vengeance, love, and Warcraft, what’s not to like?

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book link:



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Remedy, insight and information.

September 1st is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing, the next book in The Forgotten Legacies series will soon be out.

Instead of bombarding you with several posts containing cover work and promotional images, I thought I would condense it all into one. Although I do have some more amazing pictures on the way, and a fantastic trailer, I’m not ready to release them yet, but I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Like all the books preceding it, Remedy will read as a stand alone story, and will also be donating  10% of the author royalties to The DMWS. You’ll see their donate button on the side of my page, feel free to stop by and show the real heroes your support.

Cover reveal:

This year I have gone for something a little different, a separate cover for eBook and paperback. I am absolutely thrilled with how they have turned out, so I hope you like them too.


Before there were legends there was war.
Before fables came twisted truth and distorted tales.
Things deemed too dangerous were sealed, and bound for all eternity.
Or so it was believed.

Whispers from an ancient realm threaten the peace, drawing a lone adventurer into The Depths of Acheron.
He seeks something from within this sealed domain, and those banished want something in return.
Something belonging to them.

There was a prophecy forged of rebirth and death.
But knowing what is to come can change what will be.
And there is one who seeks to do just that.
He intends to use every tool at his disposal, every distraction and manipulation, to ensure the future will be his.

The time has come for the forgotten to be unveiled, and for the sealed to be unbound. Only then will the world know true fear.

The first taster of promotional images:

Have I got your attention?

If you like the look of Remedy, it is now avialable for pre-order

Remedy on

Remedy on

Like my other titles, it will also be free on Kindle Unlimited.

As a KU subscriber myself, I often lean towards reading KU titles, so I hope if you’re a subscriber this will tempt you too.

What’s next?

For my die hard fans out there, be warned, the final book in the series is not expected to be released until September 2019, but as the finale, you can bet everything that has occurred throughout the series comes in one glorious climax. Fear not, it is already written, but needs to undergo extensive revisions. After that, you can look forward to the series prequel, The Grimoire, which will be released as a stand alone, single book.

Last but not least:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the reader, and my supporters for being with me on this amazing journey. Writing has always been my dream, and thanks to your support it has been a successful one. I am honoured and humbled that you have chosen to read my work, and you will always have my heart-felt thanks.

Wishing you all an amazing day!

KS the Dreamer x

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Book review: Harnessing Altruism by Sava Buncic

Harnessing Altruism is a dystopian fiction written by Sava Buncic

The government’s did their thing. They promoted their successes while brushing their 319ouetmbolfailures under the carpet, keeping them quiet, away from the public eye as much as possible. But not everything can be kept a secret, especially something that impacts life itself. Groups had rallied, spoken about the warnings of global warming, the impact of the environment, on resources. And they listened, from their comfortable chairs, cranking up the air-conditioning and pretending things weren’t as bad as they seemed. They diverted the fickle minds of the public, pointing them elsewhere until it became too late. Agriculture was failing, energy almost depleted, and even if there was money to import supplies every country suffered the same hardship. There was no chance of surplus, no plan of action, and people would soon learn what it truly meant to tighten their belts. This desperate situation brought about World Organization for Resource Management, or WORM for short. Things were no longer about the fate of an individual, but civilization, but at what cost, and do the ends justify the means?

Harnessing Altruism is a brilliant example of a dystopian world, one which could very easily portray our own future. One question came to mind throughout, is it really worth saving humanity if we sacrifice the very values that make us human? As a species we want to survive, we take from the land and ignore warnings about how much more it has to give. We think things will work out in then end. But they don’t always. Sava Buncic opens a reader’s eyes to a possible path of the future, one of micromanagement and categorisation based on worth, even the restriction of who can be allowed a child with whom. The world becomes divided into Key personnel, developers, and doers, and never the twain should meet. Sava Buncic weaves a thought-provoking tale, with a cast of well-designed characters in both main and supporting roles who take you along on their journey into what could possibly be our own future.  Wrought with imaginative ideas, solutions, and creativity, Harnessing Altruism is not a tale to be overlooked, and is certainly something that will leave you thinking.
Book link:
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Book review: Two Hearts Surrendered

Two Hearts Surrendered is a beautiful romance written by Tamara Ferguson.51vwoopyy3l-_ss300_

Luke, a young boy with a troubled past, sought a moment’s reprieve from his step-father’s abuse. He ran until his legs could carry him not further, and straight into the arms of fate. He saved the life of a young girl, but never could he have imagined the woman she would become, or her importance. No matter how hard he tries to resist. But just as he embraces the inevitable he is called back to war, and the man who returned was not the same as the one who left.

Two Hearts Surrendered by Tamara Ferguson is a beautifully written romance with believable and engaging characters. You can’t help but be drawn in and invested in the plight of the characters. The author’s style creates a perfect balance between vivid imagery and great interaction. Being the first work I have read by this author I can honestly say she has captured my attention and I will be reading some of her other work.

Book link:

Two Hearts Surrendered

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Book review: MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1) by Neil Enock

MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1) is an urban fantasy / Science 510phmbafelfiction novel written by Neil Enock.

Bob Wallace is an archaeologist with ideas that see him shunned, some even think him a mockery to their profession. Yet all of his theories, his outlandish ideas, are stemmed from fact. Never before seen artefacts and depictions opened his eyes to a whole new possibility and he had no fear about voicing them. But now those who ridiculed him are forced to re-evaluate their thinking as Atlantis appears, bringing destruction it its wake. The Atlanteans had no cause to be cautious, their Diachromes had long predicted the eradication of all life. They had not considered anything to have survived the visions they beheld of 2012. Yet here we are, thriving in an age of technology on a world they intended to reclaim.

The premise of MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1) is an interesting one, drawing attention to what some would call the failings of man, both socially and politically. It is certainly not difficult to see the benefits of their way of life, and the thoughts and considerations of those dwelling in Atlantis when faced with our world. Neil Enock creates a cast of well-developed, interesting characters to guide the reader through an entertaining story of discovery and reflection. Anyone loving Atlantean mythology, or seeking some insight into the ancient races or civilisations past, will find the delicious morsels woven into the tale enjoyable, and could even inspire further research into these fields. A page-turning insightful tale intended to inspire.


Book link:

MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1)



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Book review: Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore by Ronesa Aveela

Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore by Ronesa Aveela  is 51kmvj-sbll-_sx398_bo1204203200_combination of fiction and non-fiction.

As the title suggests, Light Love Rituals, focuses on the Myths Legends and Folklore common to Bulgaria. It is suitable for adult and child alike and rich with stories and information.

Within this book there is something for everyone, this book is a plethora of information, there are facts, stories and even recipes. I particularly liked the did you know sections that appear at intervals throughout the book with brilliant little paragraphs of information. It added a little extra insight, an was a lovely touch. I love all things mythology and this book was right up my street. There were many things within I had not considered, read, or known before. The contents differ from informative to beautifully written stories, to the more informative. At the end of each section is a what have you learned, and I must admit, I can certainly see myself trying some of the recipes. I was very impressed with this book, it is perfectly structured and well-written.

Book link:

Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore


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Book review: The Witch’s Kiss by Tricia Schneider

The Witch’s kiss by Tricia Schneider  is the forth book the Merriweather Witches series and is witch's kissthe first one I have picked up. This particular book follows the plight of Sage, a witch harbouring a dark and deadly secret, and Marianne, a ghost for all intents and purposes but for one small detail, her body still draws breath. Marianne and Sage seek for the means to undo the curse placed upon her but a cure seems beyond the realm of hope. Side by side they battle the odds together, learning untold secrets about each other, and some of these secrets are so dark, so life altering, it could bring to question the very nature of their relationship. Both are cursed, both are haunted by events of their past.

Since I started at book 4 I can confidently say Tricia Schneider does what all great series authors do, creates a stand alone tale when no foreknowledge of the previous books are required. Continue reading “Book review: The Witch’s Kiss by Tricia Schneider”

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Book review: Destiny Series: Five Novelettes With A Twist by Casi McLean

Destiny Series: Five Novelettes With A Twist by Casi McLean is a wonderful collection of five short stories. Fate plays destinya role in everyone’s future, and to some nothing short of a miracle is needed to ensure things are as they should be. From strange happenings, alternate lives, all the way to time travel, this collection has something for everyone and shows deep insight into the author’s diversity.

Casi McLean shows great talent, creating five short yet captivating tales. Each filled with vivid characters, different plots, and unique twists, all encompassing a single theme, destiny. From paranormal to enchanting, these stories contain a touch of magic to warm the heart.

I have to say I really enjoyed all five of the stories, but if I had to choose one to be a favourite it would have to be the second. For me it had a very ‘It’s a wonderful life.’ feel to it. It was beautifully descriptive and the scenes were set perfectly. But making a choice between them is hard, each tale has so much to offer and its own little piece of magic. It’s very difficult to write a review without giving away spoilers, so I’ll simply say this, if you enjoy paranormal, romance and tales woven on fate this is a book that you will love.

Here’s the link on Amazon: Destiny Series: Five Novelettes With A Twist

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Old writings

I recently came across some old writing I did some time ago, it must be at least ten years since I wrote it.  Reading it really took me back, it was something I wrote on those mornings when I arrived at work early.  It was a high pressure job, filled with stats, targets and often more than a little abuse from the people you try to help with their issues, isn’t that always the way when you work in a support role?

What started as a simple idea to relieve some of the stress for myself and a small group of friends I met in the job,  soon became a weekly newsletter, with a few added brochures and comic strips (although my drawings leave something to be desired).  I have some really good memories of this time and the friends I shared it with, so when I found it again I felt like I needed to do something with it.

After some consideration,  I decided to share it on another wordpress blog titled The guild of villainy.  I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do, after all the writing is old and has no relevance to my chosen genre or even my writing style; however to adapt it, or rewrite it, would make it something other than what it was intended to be and it would no doubt lose something in the process.   After much consideration I decided I would share it exactly as it was, if only to rekindle those fond memories and maybe even make someone else smile.  Of course it depends on your sense of humour whether or not it is something you will enjoy, but even after all this time I still find myself smiling.

If you choose to take a look I hope you enjoy, have a great week.