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Book review: Taylor Caley -Whispers of Sikar (@aeonverse)

Lydia had started her path with the purest intentions. Her sister, Adea, had been plagued with terrifying nightmares, which only seemed to grow worse. When forbidden topics and hidden knowledge surface, Lydia believes she has found a way to cure her sister, to ease her suffering. Little did she know this path was the start… Continue reading Book review: Taylor Caley -Whispers of Sikar (@aeonverse)

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Remedy, insight and information.

September 1st is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing, the next book in The Forgotten Legacies series will soon be out. Instead of bombarding you with several posts containing cover work and promotional images, I thought I would condense it all into one. Although I do have some more amazing pictures on… Continue reading Remedy, insight and information.

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Darrienia, Number 237!!

My heart is pounding ridiculously fast at this moment in time, there I was just checking to see if any of my wonderful readers had posted any more reviews on Darrienia, when I noticed my seller's rank figure. Now yesterday I was thrilled to see it climbing its way up to 2000 in its category,… Continue reading Darrienia, Number 237!!