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Book review: Cynthia A Morgan – Misericorde (@MorganBC728)

Pestilence, War, and Famine have ridden, changing the world forever. Times of equal reviewrights and respect had been long forgotten. Those of wealth rule, their servants little more than property, easily swapped when one becomes too damaged to perform their duties. Tzadkiel seeks to prove there is still hope, that one person in the godforsaken world still knows compassion. Should he fail to find one within 100 years the final horseman will ride. With just a few years left desperation envelopes him. He finds himself imprisoned, tortured for sadistic pleasure and gains. He could stop it all with a word, end his torment, end the pain that has become his existence, but to do so would be to admit he has failed. So he endures, hoping to somehow find the one person who can be redemption in a place filled with darkness and despair.

Cynthia A Morgan’s Misericorde is the first book in the Mercy series. For anyone who likes a read on the darker side, this will certainly be a good fit. Filled with despair, hopelessness, and an acceptance of how little one is worth it is bound to tug on a few heartstrings as Lourdes situation becomes ever more desperate as she strives to protect those she cares for. Day after day she hears the tormented screams. Brutality and the worst of humanity are brought into picture-perfect clarity through Morgan’s descriptive writing while daring to offer a glimmer of hope, a suggestion of a fleeting and small light of hope almost lost within the darkness.  Horror, degradation, and helplessness pit against the very essence of all that is good, threatening to snub out its presence forever. You will want to read on, to see what fate awaits both prisoners, one a prisoner of life, and the other a prisoner in the Tower.

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