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Book review: Vicki Stewart – Saving Jia

In Vicki Stewart’s Saving Jia, ‘It’s over for today. Tomorrow is a long time away,’ was the reviewmantra Jia repeated to herself every day once her terrible vision subsided. She knew it was coming, it started like clockwork at 5:55 pm, the time her father had been declared dead after taking a bullet to protect his partner. There was so much he had still needed to tell her, so much she had needed to know. But her mother refused to allow any of his family close to Jia. It wasn’t until she returned to Boston, following in her father’s footsteps in law enforcement, that she uncovered the truth. Her father’s line had a gift, visions of the future. But with this revelation came another. She had an uncle, but unlike her father, he had turned his gifts toward seizing power. With her on the beat, there was every chance he would try to stop her. They shared a gift, they shared blood. But they could not be more different, and there is only room for one to survive.

Vicky Stewart’s Saving Jia is a gripping crime thriller with a touch of the supernatural. I loved the energy of this book. I was drawn instantly to the characters through the gripping narrative and whisked away on a journey of discovery. This was an unputdownable read that I devoured in a single sitting. I loved immersing myself in Jia’s life, watching her handle all life threw at her. I enjoyed the comradery between her and Ray, the feeling of the family not only at the place of work but with her newfound relatives. The characters are strong, realistic, and believable which made this an incredible read. Danger, mystery, and a countdown to disaster play forefront in a plot where real strength is drawn from those you choose to surround yourself with, rather than position. A thoroughly satisfying read from start to finish, and entertaining from beginning to end.


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