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Book review: S.I. Taylor – Guilty Photographs (@sitaylorwrites)

In S.I. Taylor’s Guilty Photographs, Barbera knew she could only rely on herself. Her reviewbody was a cavass to the betrayals she had experienced. But this latest edition had her concerned. Unable to recall the events of the night before she awoke bleeding, sore, and alone. She knew better than to call the cops, no one in her neighbourhood trusted the cops, and her rap sheet didn’t exactly scream model citizen. So she did what she always does, carry on, unaware of exactly how much trouble she will be in when the truth of that night surface. With the rent due, and no cash for her troubles she is forced to accept another job, but this one has a payout worth the risk, enough money to drag herself from the life she has to lead. Little did she know the danger around the corner, that so.etimes a job which seems too good to be true can be just that, especially when she already knew better than to trust the one who made the offer.

S.I Taylor’s Guilty Photographs is a gripping, gritty crime thriller. It is atmospheric with clear attention paid to the settings and plot development, not to mention the twists and turns found throughout. With a dark plot focusing on many adult issues and difficult topics, it isn’t for the faint of heart. Barbera is forced to endure many levels of degradation from whoring herself out, to doing whatever it takes to claw her way out of her current situation. I loved how Nixon was portrayed, the IT gadget fanatic with a soft heart, a bad boy streak, and unrequited love for Barbera that spanned years. McKinley and Coolidge make the perfect team, hot on the trail of their own case when McKinley’s path crosses with Barbera, unearthing another can of worms. High-stake action combines with strong realistic characters to deliver a heart-pounding, emotionally-charged tale that will keep you guessing, worrying, and desperate to reach the final conclusion. Well-written, perfectly paced, and completely engaging from start to finish a definite must for lovers of crime fiction.


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  1. Thank so much for your honest review. I appreciate your the time you took to read it and more so the time you took to write a review about my story. Follow me on social media to be updated on book two release. 📖❤️

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