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Book review: Mari Collier -Marika (@child7mari)

Marika had been left a tidy sum by her father. One her mother was using to fund the reviewHaven. Over the years the law changed allowed her to inherit what was rightful hers, and such was the start of her trouble. With her inheritance came another gift, the truth about her origin, and a warning. A threat that was once thought legend is set to return, and the next star shift could spell their doom. With such a clear warning Marika continues down her path, hoping to return one day to the wealth of information her father left for her and, maybe, even help to ensure they survive the coming disaster.

Marika is book three in Mari Collier’s The Chronicles Of Tonath, having read True Man I found many points of reference to this tale that rewards a reader who has followed the series, however, the story itself is stand-alone, following the life, challenges, and choices of Marika in a world that is only just starting to accept women as having the potential to think and fend for themselves. I loved the strength of character displayed by Marika and the building yet seemingly impossible relationship between herself and Dickon. There are no weak characters, likeable or not, all have their strengths, personality, and drive which they remain true to. The worldbuilding is incredible, and scenes are set through Collier’s smooth and well-hone writing. Tension, discovery, questions, and a looming threat drive the plot forward in an immersive reading experience that will appeal to fantasy and sci-fi lovers alike.

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