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Book review: Patricia C. Jackson – Mask Weavers for Hire (@PatriciaCJacks2)

Some may call it fate, others would call it a perfectly executed plan. When Daniel Walters reviewwalked into Carla’s life she had no idea he already knew her. He had been watching her closely, but he had never expected to feel this way about her. He knew more about her life than she did, like the fact her close friend, Richard, had been watching her for the very same reason as he did. The chip. Her house belonged to a deceased genius professor. It was no accident she ended up there. His groundbreaking discovery was stored on a chip, and its whereabouts unknown. Whoever finds it could be set for life, but in the wrong hands, it could destroy the world as we know it. The clock is ticking, the pieces are in play, but who will make the final move, who will claim victory, and who can be trusted? Find out in Patricia C. Jackson’s Mask Weavers for Hire.

Patricia C Jackson’s Mask Weavers for Hire is a thrilling suspense novel. I loved the intensity of the characters. They were vibrant, alive, and compelling as they set about achieving their ambitions while realising things they never thought possible. The narrative alternates between a smooth first-person perspective from Carla’s viewpoint, and a diverse third-person style for alternative characters which fluctuated in style depending on the main character’s narrative to reflect their personalities. Amazing scene-setting, rising tensions, and filled with the great atmosphere a reader will be drawn into Patricia C. Jackson’s world and on more than one occasion be forced to wait with bated breath to see what unfolds. Throughout the plot you are constantly guessing who can be trusted, just as you think you’re sure you have pinned down the truth, something happens and you question it again. Gripping, entertaining, with a good solid character base. Questions, discovery, and mystery will keep you hooked cover to cover.


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