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Book review: Eve Gaal – Penniless Souls (@EveGaal)

The recession had hit hard. Already Penny could see houses on her estate popping up for reviewsale as desperate people tried to make a sale, and then there was the dreaded foreclosure sign opposite, almost mocking her as her husband broke the news he had lost his job. With their daughter, Lani, being almost 20 they do the only thing they can and left her in the care of her aunt and went to where the work was which, in this case, was Vegas. Little did Penny realise the desperate struggle she would find herself immersed in. While decorating for a famous painter she learns the sordid truth of the life awaiting unsuspecting girls who are brought and sold like cattle. When her daughter goes missing, last seen associated with the brother of a well-known sex trafficker, she fears the worst. She would move mountains for her family, but what can one woman do to save her daughter and stop one of Vegas’ dark vices?

Penniless Souls is the second book in Eve Gaal’s Lost Compass Love series. I enjoyed how many real and hard-hitting issues were addressed, bringing to the forefront of the story a world many readers will be aware exists, but have no real understanding of. This book bridges that gap, shining a light on the darker side of the glamorous tourist strip. I enjoyed how events from Penny’s past still influence her presence, the sweet romance of her and John, and how stresses impact their relationship. This involved plot is not only a gripping read but an eye-opener to a very real problem which is presented in a tense and entertaining way. Romance, tension, and a race against time will keep a reader fully entertained as the plot unfolds and life unravels.

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