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Book review: Eve Gaal – Penniless Souls (@EveGaal)

The recession had hit hard. Already Penny could see houses on her estate popping up for sale as desperate people tried to make a sale, and then there was the dreaded foreclosure sign opposite, almost mocking her as her husband broke the news he had lost his job. With their daughter, Lani, being almost 20… Continue reading Book review: Eve Gaal – Penniless Souls (@EveGaal)

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Remedy, insight and information.

September 1st is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing, the next book in The Forgotten Legacies series will soon be out. Instead of bombarding you with several posts containing cover work and promotional images, I thought I would condense it all into one. Although I do have some more amazing pictures on… Continue reading Remedy, insight and information.

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Darrienia Final teaser

For my final teaser I decided to do something a little different. I thought this image on its own was so fantastic that I didn't want to add any text, instead I will leave you with this small excerpt. "The timeless room gave pause to their own mortality, before them countless figures had sat in… Continue reading Darrienia Final teaser