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Book review: Taylor Caley -Whispers of Sikar (@aeonverse)

Lydia had started her path with the purest intentions. Her sister, Adea, had been plagued reviewwith terrifying nightmares, which only seemed to grow worse. When forbidden topics and hidden knowledge surface, Lydia believes she has found a way to cure her sister, to ease her suffering. Little did she know this path was the start of something more, a step into a world of darkness she could never imagine, and once upon the path, there can be no turning back, but with such temptations and power at her fingertips, would she even want to?

Whispers of Sikar is the first book in Taylor Caley’s Circle of Ice and occurs over the span of several years. Possessing a steady pace and engaging characters, readers bear witness to the evolution of the two main characters, Lydia and Adea as they are drawn into things they don’t understand. Atmospheric and tense with great scene setting and escalation. Entertaining, dark, and filled with a sense of dread that will keep you reading.

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