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Book review: T N Traynor – Idi and the Oracle’s Quest (@tracy_traynor)

When an innocent dalliance, masked in deception, ends with murder, the king has some reviewdifficult decisions to make. For the good of his kingdom, he must abandon his daughter, keep her, and the baby she carries, from sight and mind, but her exile brings further danger as dark magic consumes the land, rekindling threats once forgotten. Meanwhile, the great magician, Marcus, is given an important quest, he is to find a young boy dubbed Idi by those of his town. Orphaned at a young age, Idi soon became an outlet for the town’s animosity, and no matter how he tried he could never leave. Never would he have imagined such a future awaited him. Never could he believe he was destined for greatness. It is said he will grow to be a great magician and protect the future king, but first, he must find him, but there are others who want to bend this infant to their own whim, leading him down a darker path. Can Idi discover the magic within and walk the path of greatness, or will evil continue to expand its grasp upon the kingdom?
Idi and the Oracle’s Quest is a fantasy fiction by T N Traynor. One of the most memorable things about this novel is the underlying message, through the downtrodden, undermined Idi we learn anything is possible through belief. conditioned into believing he is worthless it takes a lot for Marcus to instil in him confidence and self-appreciation, and it is during this the great journey unfolds. Magic combines with action, adventure, and manipulation to craft a fable of epic proportions. War is coming, ancient forces stir, and adventures begin. A great start to the series, tensions are high, the threat is emerging, and the path can lead either way, to destruction or salvation.

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