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Book review: Shane Lassetter -Veterans Affairs (@OutlastZombies )

John had lost both his parents to scum, and the law never brought justice. He lost his reviewmother first, his father raised him as best he could, and inadvertently gave him a passion for gaming, and a means to obtain his next contract. World of Warcraft was just that, a place where John could be contacted to continue his own war of the world of scum, those the law could not bring to justice. His military training had been part of his plan, giving him the skills he would need, and his passion for writing presented just the excuse he needed to travel. A writer by day, an assassin as the need arose. He could not bring back those lost, or undo the wrongs already committed, but he could stop them from happening again.

Veterans Affairs is the first in Shane Lassetter’s A John Parks Novel. I have to say I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it does the soul good to see the bad guys brought to justice, and the imaginative ways in which it can be achieved, not only through John’s training, but also through things he has watched and sought inspiration from. Veterans Affairs runs at a steady pace as we meet John, learn of his past, contacts, friendships, and plan, as we are drawn into his hectic life and building relationships. There is some great character and plot development which lead me to believe that this could be an enjoyable series for many books to come. Justice, judgement, vengeance, love, and Warcraft, what’s not to like?

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