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Book review: Joey Paul – Walk a Mile (@MsJoeyBug )

Hetti’s first day in the police started with murder. With her first scene came her first gut reviewinstinct. As the days progress more murders occur and there’s a nagging feeling she just can’t shake. The suspects beat the BF scans, something with a 99% accuracy not only that, but each time the suspect has been using a WAM, Walk a Mile, accessory. Her gut won’t be silent, she is certain there is a link, but she’s not even a week in, who would take her theories seriously, and how could she even prove something that had so many failsafe to prevent this could be flawed, or worse, being used deliberately as a tool for murder? Can she connect the dots and find the perpetrator before they set their sights on her?

I first came across Joey Paul’s work in her Dying Thoughts series, when I saw she had written Walk a Mile, I couldn’t help snapping it up. I am so glad I did. Here we meet Hetti, the main protagonist who is juggling complex relationships, family life, and a new career, to top it all off she’s connecting impossible dots, making enemies of both friend and families, not to mention the people in her new police career that have taken an instant dislike to a rookie being placed on the task force.  Walk a Mile is set in a time more progressive in both technology and views, but not so far that you can’t see where such things stemmed from. It is written in an expressive and engaging first-person narrative wrought with danger, questions, and a quest for truth. If you’re looking for a crime thriller that’s a little different then here it is, but be warned, once you’ve experienced Joey Paul’s writing, you’ll be hungry for more.

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