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Book review: Jessica Dazzo – Super Me (@JessicaDazzo )

Faye had never felt like an ordinary teenager, but on her seventeenth birthday she reviewbegan to feel even more like an outcast. All her life she had worked, scrimped and saved every penny after paying the bills and buying the groceries for her and her mother. She never went out, brought new boots, or had much fun, all so she could buy herself a car and no longer had to take the bus to school and work. The day finally came to use it, and it was that day everything started. Humiliated by the actions of her brave new self she speeds away, destroys the car, but more concerning, she’s now seeing and hearing things that just aren’t there. Then there’s the string of obsessive boyfriends around her mother and her own confusion about the new people entering her life. Faye is a teenager all right, but she is about to discover she is so much more.

Super Me by Jessica Dazzo is probably best classed as a paranormal point horror book. Faye is a stubborn, determined character with the emotional ups and downs expected from the average teenager. Drama, questions, suspense, and a touch of the paranormal come together to form a young adult read that will keep you turning page after page until you get the answers you seek, why is Faye seeing and hearing these things, what secret is Lucan guarding, and why is she having a reoccurring nightmare? With a cast of believable characters, settings, and happenings you’ll be sure to enjoy watching events unfold. As the first book in the series it offers enough intrigue to tempt readers into picking up the next book when it is available.


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