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Book review: Diana J Febry – Twisted Truth (@DianaJFebry )

Another boring fluff piece for the local rag put Megan on the trail of the story of a reviewlifetime, or at least that was the promise. The idea was to rejuvenate the image of a nursing home, but the staff weren’t the only ones to know of her upcoming visit. Through deception and carefully planned timing, suggestions of foul play are handed to her. Implications of a covered up crime involving people of such standing that the messenger feared there were few places he could turn. The seed of corruption runs deep, and there are those who would do anything to keep their secrets buried. Megan is determined to uncover the truth, but she’s going to need help, not only to uncover the mystery, but also to stay alive.

Twisted Truth by Diana J Febry is a gripping murder mystery that will keep you on your toes. Subplots and events really add to the feel you are part of the setting. Diversions, red herrings, hints, cover ups, and fabricated reports all add to the engagement, drawing you in, making you want to piece together what really happened, is everything as it seems, an innocent accident, or is someone covering up the truth for their own gains? And if so, what exactly are they hiding. Well written, captivating , with well-developed characters, this is a murder mystery you won’t soon forget.

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