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Book review: Johanna Craven – Bridles Lane (@JohannaCraven )

Isaac returned home to find his families’ graves had expanded further, he thought he reviewwas alone, until he heard of his sister, Scarlett, at the children home. He planned to leave her, thinking she would have a better life than he could offer, and yet he took her home. The problem about returning to his father’s land was he also obtained his debts, debts that were to be repaid via smuggling. Scarlett helped where she could, but on the night the dead ship arrives on the beach, things take a turn. Everyone knows a dead ship brings ill fortune, people turn to God and prayers, while Scarlett attempts to shelter the sole survivor, if anyone knew he had lived, his longevity would be limited. Unbeknown to her he has his own agenda, and she is just the person to help her fulfil it.

Bridles Lane is a historical fiction written by Johanna Craven. Written in the present tense it makes you feel as if you’re there watching history unfold. The characters are believable, three dimensional, each with their own stories and concerns. The plot revolves around the strong-willed Scarlett, as well as a small cast of well-designed characters. The writing is very atmospheric and easily draws the reader into a time of religions, fear, and superstition. This will keep you entertained and engaged beginning to end.

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  1. It appears that my book, “Flight Of The Black Stork” was reviewed, but I don’t see any comments.


    Bill Broocke



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