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Book review: Joey Paul – Dying Thoughts – Sixth Change (@MsJoeyBug )

Tara’s life had been full of change. She was nearly an adult now, she was willingly reviewattending higher education, she had friends, a goal, but there were a few things she could not change, her gift to see a dying person’s last moments, and the toll Adam’s actions and her past experiences had taken on her. Now, at college, she finds herself once more faced with horror as members of her social circle are drugged and abducted, barely escaping. It takes her to a place in her mind she would rather not be, a place she must willingly venture if she is to uncover the ones responsible. The abductor’s game is evolving, but so too is Tara’s gift. Can she overcome her fears and learn what she must before something even more terrible happens?

I have read every book in this series to date, and I have to say they just keep getting better. The Dying Thoughts series is easily one of the best examples of the first-person narrative I have ever encountered, and just as Tara ages from book one to six, so too does her monologue, and outlook, something clearly reflected in the ever-maturing voice written by Joey Paul. Trouble seems to find Tara everywhere and book six is no exception. New friends, new troubles, and new visions await, and the clock is ticking. This is an amazing series, but the books also work well as stand-alone, anything you need to know is skilfully recapped, and you’ll find it hard not to be pulled along with the vivid and unique characters who drive this adventure.

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