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Book review: The Temptation of Destiny – D.M. Earley (@dmearleyauthor )

Jake had found love and happiness when he had least expected it. He had made a life for himself, raised a family. Concerns, however, 41pvzmjvqUL._SY177_gave him cause to reflect on what he wanted for them, what was for the best. The answer, however, turned him on a path of destiny he never would have imagined. In Wind River, Dakota’s home town, visions have been haunting the medicine man, visions which have come to pass, and those that warn of upcoming battles and the need for a warrior. A storm is coming to Wind River, and now more then ever it is told she will need a warrior beside her.

The Temptation of Destiny is a suspenseful fiction written by D.M. Earley. Following destiny and the path fate weaves before someone is something often considered something not without its challenges, but easy to follow, prepare to lose your misconceptions. Following his fate Jake is led through trials and tribulations he could never have seen, all tempering him for the difficulties of what is still to come, but at the same time, he is given the tools needed to survive. I enjoyed watching the characters grow and develop, as well as the immersion into different cultures, survival, and values. It was amazing to behold how the past of the characters and their experiences all combine to ensure they are in the right place, position, and have the capacity to do and be exactly what is needed. Past, present, and visions of the future pave the way, and the depth and detail ensure the reader will be left satisfied. This was beautifully written, expressive, and enjoyable. I loved the idea and themes behind the plot, and how everything came together.


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