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Book review Standing on a Whale – B.J. Tiernan (@standingwhale1 )

Lance was content to end his life. He had lived and suffered enough. It was on his reviewbirthday he decided to finally put thought to action. Or that had been his intention. Then his path crossed with Hayden’s, A mystic whose views and lectures on the world were so inspired that those in power had cause to fear him. To embrace his truth was to shed the darkness of oppression and see things clearly, and clarity and guidance was something Lance desperately needed. Lance had committed to monitoring Hadden’s health but, with whispers of infiltration and danger, it seemed this task may be more than he first believed, especially since it seems there are many who would seek to silence his charge, and some may be a little too close for comfort.

Standing on a Whale by B.J. Tiernan is a very clever and intelligent book that raises a lot of thinking points while inviting the reader to look inside themselves and see what their outlook and actions add to the world, positive or negative. Philosophy, pseudoscience, and mystery are just a few of the foundations of this gripping and intriguing journey which, among other things, is about acceptance, growth, and understanding. The book was well-written with detailed descriptions and vivid, three-dimensional characters. I enjoyed watching the forming relationships and the effects each person had on another, and how these roles could easily alter. There is a real and genuine feel to the book, and it has a lot to offer for those seeking an intellectual and engaging read.

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