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Book review: Stephen Kunkler – Soul Release

Risan Ingel possesses the strongest soul in the human world, the strongest to ever exist. reviewOr at least that is what Light, the angel from Henava, tells him along with the news that he is about to be hunted and possessed by denom. Risan is destined to become a Spirit Guardian, but 99% of those tested fail. Forced to execute the five forsaken sins by Vetogro, Risan is opened to a demon, and with Light’s help he is taken back into the past where he will be required to train and grow stronger, aligning and strengthening his soul power. Vetogro has dark and sinister plans; he intends to turn the world of Man upside down, and Risan is now Man’s only hope. But does he have enough time to learn everything he must to become a force worthy of confronting this threat, and can he survive the challenges before him?

Soul Release by Stephen Kunkler is a metaphysical fantasy aimed at the new adult and younger age range that would translate well into an anime, and appeal to a target audience of manga and anime fans. It follows the tale of Risan and his transcendence into a Spirit Guardian. There is action, enlightenment, manipulation and superpowers as the forces of light stand against the latest threat to the world of Man. Action and danger fill the pages as the strongest human soul is pitted against a powerful enemy. This is a tale of self-discovery as Risan begins to learn everything his new responsibilities entail. As a character, he makes for a strong protagonist and has his own distinctive personality that is enhanced by the supporting characters. He has a lot to learn in a short time, and the journey is certainly a fun one for the reader.


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