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Book review: Laurie M. Lamb – A Life Decision

Peyton was a true and devout Catholic. She loved God, and she loved her family. Therein reviewwas the problem. After a few miscarriages she was thrilled to discover her pregnancy, but then she heard the words that would forever change her life; the child had Down Syndrome. Her own experience tells her this special child will be loved and happy in their home, but her husband, Joe, is far from convinced. The thought of a special child terrified him, and he told her in no uncertain terms that she needed to choose between him and ‘it’, and in her religion that’s the choice between two unforgivable acts, abortion or divorce. As the pressure mounts, Peyton struggles with the choice, a choice that will destroy her either way, with repercussions that will span the rest of her life. But what will she choose, and will they be able to live with the decision she makes?

Laurie M. Lamb’s A Life Decision is a Christian fiction story preaching the moral that actions have consequences, along with the forgiveness and strength to be found in faith. From the start, difficult choices, addiction, guilt, secrets, and betrayal fight for your attention. This book is filled with emotional struggles the reader can’t help but be drawn into. More than once I had tears in my eyes as I read about the challenges, heartache, and hardships being experienced by not only Joe and Peyton, but Joe’s mother, Gert, and even Peyton’s own father. Everyone has a secret they are struggling with, decisions that test, break, and even aid them in finding faith and forgiveness. The book itself is written from the alternating first person perspective of Joe and Peyton, allowing the reader to get up close and personal with their inner demons as they are inserted beside them for the journey of their life. Moving, gripping and impossible to put down, A Life Decision will stay with you long after you’ve read the final chapter.


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