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Book review: Gary W. Burns Bridges: To There

From love to reflection, journeys to interpretations, Gary W. Burns’ Bridges: To There is a reviewcollection of short poems that reflect on many things, and encourage the reader, in turn, to reflect on themselves. Peaceful, tranquil, and relaxing are but a few things stirred as the poems invite you to experience mindfulness and appreciate all each poem has to offer in the here and now. Take a moment and find yourself in reflection, harmony, and thought.

Bridges: To There – Poems for Mind, Body & Spirit by Gary W. Burns is a book of poetry you can take as much or as little as you want from. On the surface level you will find some beautiful words, verses, and imagery, but looking deeper you’ll unlock a multitude of different meanings, thoughts, and reflections limited only by your own imagination. You can easily visualize some of the scenes, and others will stay with you long after you’ve turned the pages. There are even nice thoughts to meditate on, as the title suggests.

As a holistic therapist, I always enjoy things that will make me think on different levels, and I liked the short verses, as they’re easy to hold in your mind while you do other things. Sometimes simplicity is best, and there is certainly no waste of words. The collection itself is segmented into parts – Aerial, Suspension, Crossing, and Banks – with each including some beautiful photographs. This book is perfect for a lazy afternoon read surrounded by nature. There is a lot to enjoy about this book, and it is certainly reflective and filled with rich imagery.


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