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Book review: D.L. Finn – The Button (@dlfinnauthor )

Lynn hadn’t had an easy life, but a failed suicide attempt left her able to hear the voices reviewof angels, or more specifically the voices of those who watched over her, Thomas and Zelina. Long ago Thomas had made a mistake, one that had consequences on Lynn’s life, and he was determined to set things back on track, but they could only guide her, it was up to her if she listened. When Lynn wakes next to a dead body with no idea how she got there she begins to panic. There was a reason Lynn’s life had been difficult, she was firmly in the sights of Dian, an evildwel, a being that lives of fear and anger, and it has attached itself to someone in her life, but something bigger is in the works, a hidden quest, the kidnapping of her friend Stacy, and the strange shooting of ‘good cops’. Is it all connected, or is this just another unlucky run in the tragedy that became Lynn’s life?

The Button is a thrilling and tense paranormal mystery / romance by D.L. Finn. It focuses around Lynn, the two angels watching over her, and the evildwel and alternates between their point of view whilst remaining in a gripping third-person narrative. Lynn is a good protagonist for this story, and you’ll spend the first half of the book wondering who she should put her trust in Kent, the handsome bartender met the same night she was drugged to wake up next to a dead drug dealer, or her step-brother Warren, who has returned into her life. I enjoyed the guessing and air of mystery, as well as the tense and escalating plot. Action, terror, adventure, and tragedy combine to make a tense tale of trust, betrayal, and a little dose of divine intervention.


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