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Book review: Daniel J. Strait Zondura (@daniel_strait )

Nakiata was a shadow of thought, or SOT, master. Her birthmark linking her to an reviewancient prophecy had seen she became the only female trained in this arte, and she was skilled indeed. Having located and inserted a key for the Black door she and her ally, Dravone, stepped through, entering a new world, and brought the awaiting race of hunters an enemy they had not seen for a very long time, the Morphan, the species Dravone belonged to. Hunted and pursued they flee the castle grounds, and find themselves on a dangerous adventure, uncovering more about the prophecy they seem destined to fulfil.

Zondura is the second book in Daniel J. Strait’s Silver Tears series. The start of the book provides a brief recap of the events of the first, making it easy to pick up from this point in the adventure. Like any overpowered protagonist Nakiata grows increasingly more brutal and less forgiving as the plot goes on, she cuts a path through anything she perceives as a threat, sometimes her actions are excessive, and even her allies begin to worry about her. The writing style focuses on a tell style so it always clear what is occurring, and things are meticulously described leaving complete images in the reader’s mind as the plot progresses. There are some interesting developments and ideas threaded throughout, and some character growth and development that hints as a complex relationship in the future. Unexpected allies, action, and adventure are found within, with the promise of more to come.


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