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Book review: Christine Church – Beyond a Veiled Reflection (@christinechurch )

Meirah was trying, she had studied Scottish culture, those who spoke with accents closest reviewto her own alternative dimension dialect. She had adapted, evolved, all in the name of her love for Dane. But he was conflicted, he loved her, but he loved the new peace he was being granted when intoxicated, the closest to heaven he could imagine being. Peace, women, and sex. He had his vices, brought about by his rock star life, but Meirah too had a weakness she couldn’t shake, where Dane stood, she wished it had been her knight, Sir Kori, a previous incarnation of her lover, and her current state of mind was making the call of human blood almost impossible to ignore. A reflection in the water warns of the return of a danger thought passed, and a betrayal leaves Meirah more vulnerable than ever. Will she come to her senses and see the truth, or will her recent heartbreak leave her open to manipulation?

Beyond a Veiled Reflection is the second book in Christine Church’s Anachronistic Dimensions, urban fantasy series. With clearly labelled alternating perspectives from the main characters, Meirah, Dane, Kaeplan and Caitlyn, it is easy to get insight into their personalities, thinking, and motivations. Nothing is certain, and danger and depravity is paramount. Betrayal, heartache, manipulation, and dangerous revelations will keep you turning the pages of this unique novel. While vampirism is central the author introduces an alternative mythos which I have only seen a handful of times, and has been well implemented with some unique interested alterations. A good read, with some brutal physical and emotional; scenes.



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