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Book review: Stuart Kenyon – Faster, Stronger, Deader: Augmented Reality (@StuartKenyon8)

John had lost so much when he refused the follow the crowd and be augmented. His reviewfamily, his love, his career, but he kept something important, his life. When a virus struck, those augmented they died. But they didn’t remain dead. They rose again, killing everything in their path. He had committed to isolation, but the sighting of smoke gave a promise of something more. When he braves the zomb-aug infested streets he doesn’t know if it is hope or madness driving him on, but he soon encounters more than he bargained for.

Faster, Stronger, Deader: Augmented Reality is book one in Stuart Kenyon’s dystopian fiction. Based in the future, where Mankind either became augmented or became almost redundant, you will find the shell of an apocalyptic world you will recognise, but one under a threat more sinister than simple zombies. Zomb-augs are faster and stronger than the old Romero shufflers, more concerning still is there appears to be more to their behaviour, a force driving them. They don’t eat their kills, but sometimes they appear to be on a mission. John made a good central character and was supported by an interesting array of characters. Action, madness, mayhem, and intrigue will have you desperately turning the pages in the hope to discover answers as John’s situation sees him consider acts he never thought himself capable of.

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