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Book review: Jason L. Henderson -Shadows in the Night

Mary had been placed on desk duty following an incident that had put the town in an reviewuproar. For almost four weeks she sat at her desk wondering the fate of her career. She was almost thankful when the chief sent her back to the field. Her sleepy town had become a hotspot for strange happenings. Crop vandalism, markings left on walls, nuisance reports, disturbances, even the pets seemed to be going crazy. Then there was Webb. He appeared from nowhere and knew more than anyone should about these unusual events. Something was happening, and Mary was determined to uncover the truth, no matter whose toes she had to step on. But is she ready for the answers, and for the consequences her actions will bring?

Shadows in the Night is science fiction horror written by Jason L. Henderson. Henderson sets a wonderful and ever-escalating atmosphere starting with rising tensions in a small town which grow to the final climax. The plot centres around Mary, a local law enforcement officer who finds herself right in the middle of these bizarre happenings. From the onset, you find yourself curious about the events surrounding Mary, and as the plot unfolds you learn more, not only about how she came to be in her current situation but about the larger pattern of the events unfolding. As a character, she was a strong lead and everything you would expect and want her to be. Written in a gripping third-person, Shadows in the Night, will grab your attention with easy flowing writing and a plot you can’t help but lose yourself in. Mystery, intrigue, and strange happenings will keep you glued to the page as you join Mary in her quest to uncover the truth.

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