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Book review: Gnosis – Rick Hall

Sam had been having a tough time. Her father had been murdered and accused of review.jpgsomething she just knew he hadn’t done. As a minor she was assigned into care, but no one could keep her from investigating the truth. On the run from her carers she soon finds the list of people she needs to hide from growing. The police, the government, and even a street gang are on her heels. The danger is mounting. The DHS had tipped their hand when she’d had a stroke in their custody. There is only one person she can trust, and she isn’t even sure if he is real. Alex claims to be a sentient virus, and those who survive the onset of this virus are rewarded with unimaginable gifts. Gifts coveted by the government. Sam is determined to use Alex to help discover the truth behind her father’s murder, but to do so she must stay ahead of those who are hunting her. She will stop at nothing, but neither will they.

Gnosis by Rick Hall is a paranormal urban fantasy and what a tale it is, I have admit, I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked from the first page, instantly drawn to Sam and the trouble she was in. The narrative is, hands down, one of the best examples of a first-person narrative I have ever come across. The style is gripping, engaging, and completely immersive. I enjoyed the building relationship and the development of understanding between Sam and Alex. All the characters are vivid, well-rounded, and have their own back story and incentives. The emotions and reactions portrayed are real, and even age and experience appropriate. This book oozes reality, from the hunt for truth, Sam’s confusion, all the way to subtleties such as the manner in which Sam lashing out at Melvin, and each line only serves to draw you in deeper. People in this book are not only well-developed as characters, they are emotionally perfect, something that can be difficult to achieve. Action, danger, and a hunt for truth and understanding will drive you through the detailed and complex plot. This is one book I would, without a doubt, recommend to anyone, whether you want a gripping action, a touch of supernatural, or a read packed with action, Gnosis ticks all the boxes.


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