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Book review: The Persistence of Memory – Karen Janowsky (@Karen_Janowsky )

Daniel never normally connected with people, and those who pursue him usually were reviewjust in love with his history. He was Lionheart, a super-soldier who survived the Nazis, experiments, manipulations, and somehow found himself propelled through time. When he met Nina, however, he couldn’t explain the attraction. It was as if he’d known her forever, and the impossible visions he had of her did nothing to disprove what he felt. He thought there were more pressing things to address. The collection of artefacts, thought to be part of a larger weapon, had to be a priority, especially since they were not the only ones after them. But his and Nina’s past is more important than they could ever imagine.

The Persistence of Memory by Karen Jaowsky is a blending of romance, superhero, science fiction, and time-travel. It is packed with interesting ancient history, some of which while seeped in fact have been tempered to the author’s own creative flair. I enjoyed the building relationship between Daniel and Nina, and the broad scope of characters we are introduced to. We learn about Daniel’s past as we explore his present and his hopes towards a future with Nina. All the time they are attempting to stop the movements of demons. I enjoyed the fact the heroes are fallible, they are not only imperfect and flawed, but they also don’t claim victory at every turn. They are human, mostly, and are presented as such. The plot is mainly focused on the building relationship between Daniel and Nina, but is also filled with action and exploration. History is revealed and secrets uncovered in this character-driven plot. Romance, uncertainty, mystery and intrigue will keep you delving further, trying to uncover the truth and its importance.

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