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Book review: Crown of the Realm – D. Dalton

Derora Saxen knew there was more to life than the quiet town she called home. But reviewwhen the cultists turned up, looking for an outlaw, destiny came calling. When her father sent her on a quest to petition assistance she had no idea of the danger. No idea that a plea for aid would result in her path crossing with enemies long forgotten, and put her, and those who walked beside her, in their sights. War is coming, and those already aware of the danger have done nothing but run. The time has come to make a stand, or watch the world burn.

Crown of the Realm is the first book in D. Dalton’s All Things Impossible series. From the start, you are drawn straight in. From regicide to pony jousting, cults to ancient and forgotten threats, it certainly encompasses a fantasy lovers expectations. The third-person narrative is engaging, descriptive, and enjoyable, allowing you to breeze through as events unfold and the stakes rise. Loyalties and history are questioned as the choices made for the greater good seem to have consequences beyond those imagined. I enjoyed Derora’s character, her moxie really made me smile, as did her persistence, perseverance, and strength of character. More than once I felt a pang of sympathy for those in her path, particularly her reluctant and long-suffering companion, Kelin. Danger, chaos, and questions drive the character centred plot through an epic adventure fraught with peril. A great start to what promises to be a gripping series.

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