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Amazing authors I’ve met at #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019 (@linneatanner) (@tjwolfauthor )(@MichaelGerhart5 ) (@SilverfireKS)(@LisaVProulx) (@MilanSergent)

It is Sunday now, and I am still filled with energy from yesterday’s events. While sitting in the airport I thought I would write a quick post telling you about some of the amazing people I have met.

Saturday was the big day for all of us here, starting with the bookfair and finishing with the grand finale of the award ceremony.

To start Saturday’s events, I met with Linnea Tanner (@linneatanner) author of the Curse of Clansmen and Kings series. What a lovely lady. Her book is definitely on my to-read list, it sounds amazing.

Dagger’s Destiny was a recipient of this year’s awards, and with its Roman roots, it will appeal to a wide audience. In a tense plot, King Amren accuses his daughter, Catrin, of treason for aiding the Roman enemy and her lover, Marcellus. The ultimate punishment is death unless she can redeem herself. She must prove loyalty to her father by forsaking Marcellus and defending their kingdom—even to the death. Forged into a warrior, she must overcome tribulations and make the right decisions on her quest to break the curse that foretells her banished half-brother and the Roman Empire will destroy their kingdom.

Before heading out to the book fair I also had a wonderful conversation with T.J & M.L Wolf, (@tjwolfauthor) about their book A Gleam of light, in which a government employee Una Waters, working for DC, is summoned to help

solve a crisis when the U.S. Army’s sudden interest regarding a cave discovery in the Sacred Peaks has triggered alarm, leading to violence. With the help of friends, new and old, Una must confront her painful past, seek proof to qualify the ancient site for protection under the law, and stand up to a stiff-necked general, whose agenda is more concerned with retrieving a mysterious power source.

Next up, a lady I was dying to meet Ann Boelter, author of one of my favourite books this year, Nena. It was such a privilege to be able to meet her in person, and an even greater honour to receive a signed copy of her amazing book. She is a wonderful lady and I loved the time we spent talkingbith at the book fair and the ceremony. If you haven’t read my review for this gripping tale you can do so here.

Nena follows the smouldering aftermath of a gruelling battle, where Nena and Jarl find themselves in unfamiliar positions—Nena as a captive—Jarl wanting something he cannot have. A fierce clash of wills ensues. Torn between passion and prejudice, conviction and taboo, love and obligation, each is forced to question everything they knew and everything they were sure they wanted. But realizing their heart’s true desire is not enough. Their people are still mortal enemies. To be together they must be willing to sacrifice everything—even their lives. As I say, easily one of my favourite books

Another familiar name, who it was also a privilege to meet was author D Dalton, (@SilverfireKS), another talented author whose book I have read, and once again, I was not only thrilled to meet her, but excited to be presented with my own signed copy of her book. Check out the review here.

I still have such clear images of this book, from the strong characters, to the tension-filled plot.

D Dalton’s Crown of the Realm earned a well-deserved award with its enticing plot where, facing ancient evils, arrogant elves, a sarcastic knight mentor, and one traitor—maybe more—Derora, Kelin, and Caleb have to choose: gamble desperately or hope that traditional strategy can take them to victory against enemies who have been perfecting their revenge for two thousand years.

Bringing a close to the authors whose books I have had the joy of reading, I was also fortunate enough to meet Milan Sergent (@MilanSergent). You can find my review for the award-winning CandleWicke 13 here.

I still remember the sheer depth that went into this book in bringing the world, characters, and myths to life. In this novel, Valor McRaven tries to hide his odd symptoms from the “normal” witches. His shadow moves on its own, and he sometimes makes objects move without the required wand. Valor refuses to believe the rumours about his family, even after Mystic Ministry locks the McRavens in the sanatorium and schedules him to be the hunted fox in a ghastly tournament with blindfolded ogres, boiling cauldrons, and cats with moon madness. If Valor wins, or survives, he can begin his dream of becoming an apprentice of magic at Mystic Steeples, where he hopes to unravel the death of his twin and the attempts someone keeps making to kill him.

The final two people I want to mention were the ones who really brought this trip to life for me. I had the pleasure of their company throughout the day, and we had so much fun. From perusing the book fair and shopping at the mall, to enjoying the award ceremony.

First is award-winning author Michael Gerhartz (@MichaelGerhart5) his book, Dark Times, is already on my kindle waiting to be read.

Dark Times follows the thrilling adventure of a London marine biologist working for an elite security company. When the latest expedition takes a drastic turn she finds herself at the centre of something unbelievable, but this discovery is just one thread in the plan of criminal mastermind.

Michael is an amazing guy, he and Lisa really put me at ease and made me feel so comfortable and welcome. The trip has been amazing, but meeting these two really made it something special.

So last but certainly not least, is Lisa V Proulx (@LisaVProulx) she came this year as a speaker, but has scooped up her fair share of awards and is a number one bestseller.

She is living the author’s dream, and is more than happy to share her insight with anyone. She is definitely one of the most charismatic people I have met, it takes a lot to put me at ease, but she did so effortlessly.

I have already picked up King of Shadows and A Temporary Death, for my reading list.
You can learn more about her on her website

I met so many great people I couldn’t begin to list them here, and my kindle is heaving with new books. I feel so honoured and privileged to have been a part of #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

Stay tuned for some photos from the big night. It is certainly an experience I won’t soon forget.