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Miami, final day, part two, award ceremony #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

So here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for, or at least the one I'd been waiting for since first discovering I had won such a respected award. Saturday evening marked the close of my time in Miami, and what better way to finish the holiday than with an epic award ceremony? I… Continue reading Miami, final day, part two, award ceremony #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

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Miami, Day Four, final day part one, bookfair. #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019 (@lisavproulx @MichaelGerhart5)

Wow, if I had only one word, to sum up, today it would be epic. The day started with a group of authors meeting in the lobby ready for the bookfair. It was a brilliant opportunity to talk to people about their work Once the bus arrived we were off to the bookfair. The early… Continue reading Miami, Day Four, final day part one, bookfair. #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019 (@lisavproulx @MichaelGerhart5)

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Amazing authors I’ve met at #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019 (@linneatanner) (@tjwolfauthor )(@MichaelGerhart5 ) (@SilverfireKS)(@LisaVProulx) (@MilanSergent)

It is Sunday now, and I am still filled with energy from yesterday's events. While sitting in the airport I thought I would write a quick post telling you about some of the amazing people I have met. Saturday was the big day for all of us here, starting with the bookfair and finishing with… Continue reading Amazing authors I’ve met at #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019 (@linneatanner) (@tjwolfauthor )(@MichaelGerhart5 ) (@SilverfireKS)(@LisaVProulx) (@MilanSergent)

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Miami, day 2 #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

Good evening everyone. Well, it is day 2 here for me in Miami. After an early morning swim and an amazing breakfast (yep that is real cinnamon toast!), I took the Shuttle bus to the Dolphin Mall. Wow, that place is enormous. Living in Staffordshire, I would have to say it eclipses the potteries (Intu… Continue reading Miami, day 2 #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

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Miami, day one. #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

Good morning everyone. I hope you are well. As you may know, yesterday (Wednesday) I flew out to Miami in preparation for the Readers' Favorite award ceremony. It has been over ten years since I was last on an aeroplane, and going alone made me quite nervous. I have to say, things have changed since… Continue reading Miami, day one. #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

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I am going to Miami! #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

Hi everyone. Those of you who follow me closely on social media will already have seen that on September 1st Darrienia won a silver medal in the Readers' Favorite awards. I am truly grateful and honoured for my writing to be recognised in this way. As part of the award, in November, I am on my… Continue reading I am going to Miami! #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019