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I am going to Miami! #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

Hi everyone.

Those of you who follow me closely on social media will already have seen that on September 1st Darrienia won a silver medal in the Readers’ Favorite awards. I am truly grateful and honoured for my writing to be recognised in this way.

As part of the award, in November, I am on my way to Miami to attend the award ceremony. I can’t express how petrified and excited I am. My family really pulled together for me in order to ensure that while I go off on this weekend adventure that everyone and everything at home will be cared for.

Yesterday I booked the hotel and my flights, as well as my vaccines. I can’t believe this is really happening!




2 thoughts on “I am going to Miami! #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019”

  1. I was SO excited to read this! I will also be at the award ceremony in Miami and look forward to meeting you! Your 5 star review of my book, Nena, and your placement of it on your “Recommended Books” list meant so much to me, but I never thought we’d actually meet. Nena was awarded a Reader’s Favorite gold medal and I, too, am both excited and apprehensive about attending. Looking forward to seeing you there!
    Ann Boelter

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