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Book review: Isobel Blackthorn – Twerk (@IBlackthorn)

When a regular customer dies in the middle of a VIP dance all hell breaks loose, starting reviewa chain of events of the likes never experienced in the Vegas strip club, Hot Foxies. Lana, part-time law student, part-time stripper, was not working in the night in question, but the sudden disappearance of her mentor and friend Amber following the events has left her worried. She was last seen leaving with the paramedic, and no one seems to care she has once again not arrived for her shift. The lawyer in her turns sleuth as she tried to piece together events from that fateful Sunday, was the punter’s death suicide, an accident, or perhaps even murder. No one seems to want to disclose anything. Determined to find answers, Lana begins her own explorations into the events of that night, unaware of the danger she invites. With her investigation, a missing best friend, death threats from her ex, and a precision hate attack on her social media accounts, she certainly has her hands full, but can she discover the truth before things take a darker turn?

Twerk is a thrilling erotic mystery by Isobel Blackthorn, It focuses primarily on the first-person perspective of the two main characters, Amber and Lana, while giving insight into the real scene behind the Vegas strip clubs. The characters are certainly unique, realistic, and developed. It was easy to imagine yourself right in the centre of events, watching as they unfold and you try to piece together who is the coyote amongst the foxes. I enjoyed the banter between characters, and the insight into the mind of a stripper. When most people write about strippers, they become nothing more than objects and a representation of sex, so I loved how you were immediately brought to seeing them as people, not just objects of desire, and I may have chuckled at some of the internal monologues and thoughts being had while Lana went about her routine. Fast-paced, raunchy, with the threat of impending danger growing ever closer, this steamy noir thriller will keep you entertained until the final climax.

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