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Book review: Adam Boostrom – Athena’s Choice (@AthenaChoice)


Athena had wanted to be an artist almost all her life. What really cemented the thought in her mind, along with it making her mother happy, was when she saw the truth of what an artist really was, a person who looked upon something and saw not what was there, but the potential for all it could be. The problem was, no one wanted her pictures, she excelled at painting a moment forever captured on canvass. When she is called into questioning regarding the theft of the Lazarus genome, she has no idea she is about to embark on the single most important mission of Womankind. After men were driven to extinction by Y-Fever there have been many groups seeking to bring them back, and this genome should have done just that. As she is pulled into the investigation she starts to experience bizarre dreams, dreams she is certain holds the answer. As her future reveals itself she realises her actions will have more wide spanning consequences than she could ever imagine.

Athena’s choice is a gipping mystery set in a future where men no longer exist. Anyone who has seen Saber Marionette J will be familiar with the idea of a single gender world, and what Adam Boostrom has done is expand on that, with women as the survivors. Well written in a smooth third person narrative that keeps you intrigued beginning to end. I really enjoyed the intermission chapters, small snippets of information from future sources such as Wikipedia, adverts, or school work that really expand your understanding of the world. We are shown a future with amazing enhancements, peace, and a world were people can chase their dreams. I loved Athena’s character and the relationships she builds feel genuine and real. there is enough futuristic technology to satisfy a sci-fi lover, and better yet, they are all things which could be just years away. This book explores many interesting ideas from beginning to end, and it will certainly leave a reader thinking and debating what future they would prefer unfolded before them. Great ideas, fast paced, gripping, and immersive, Athena’s choice is bound to satisfy a broad range of readers.

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