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Book review: M.A. Guglielmo – Summoned (@Aphemia66)

Despite the fact, his grandmother had died when Daniel was 15 she still managed to get a reviewmessage to him. On that fateful day, he was tasked to save the world. His grandmother had told him many tales, many legends, but the act of summoning a jinn seemed insane. Yet summon her he did. Zahara had been waiting for this opportunity, with everything to prove and nothing to lose she made short time of embracing the somewhat lacking offering before her. She was determined to step from the shadows of embarrassment , earning the respect of her family. Daniel is not what she was expected, but neither did she seem fit to the task he needed her for. Can two beings, so wrong in every way, find a way to turn things to their advantage? Sometimes, the right person for the job, isn’t always the most obvious one, for the sake of the world, let’s hope this is true.

Summoned (From Smokeless Fire) is a fun and gripping paranormal by M.A. Guglielmo. Within the pages you with find Lore, religion, and mythology, not to mentions dark and foreboding beings who want the world as we not it destroyed. Amidst these, even siding along side them are the humans, exploiting what they know, or what they think they do. Daniel, an almost accidental sorcerer, has clearly bitten off more than he can chew, and watching him go from the timid wreck to a determined force to be reckoned with was a journey in itself. I loved watching his confidence and character grow as a team of unlikely allies join forces in hope to prevent events that will be the end of everything as we know it. Brilliant settings, great descriptions, and enjoyable characters are just some of the  things that will draw you in. The mixture of suspense, humour, and action are well balanced and fit seamlessly into the plot. The action, chaos, manipulations, and misdirection will keep you entertained, while the characters will win your heart.

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