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Miami, day one. #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019

Good morning everyone. I hope you are well.

As you may know, yesterday (Wednesday) I flew out to Miami in preparation for the Readers’ Favorite award ceremony. It has been over ten years since I was last on an aeroplane, and going alone made me quite nervous. I have to say, things have changed since I was last on a plane. For one, the food is edible. 🙂

My first hop was just a local flight, Manchester to Heathrow, where I lost myself in C.A King’s Hang on to your Shirt Tails. After a short transition, it was off to Miami.

There was a minor hiccup with American Airlines. They ran out of room for bags, so they had to check to some of the hand luggage, including mine, and place it in the hold. Despite this, we still just about took off on time and touched down in Miami at around 15:15 local time. During the flight I was Reading Sean Robin’s, The Crimson Death Bringer, I am about halfway through, mainly because we hit a spot of turbulence so I watched a few movies, Alita Battle Angel, Shazam, and almost all of Ready Player One, I certainly intend to finish it on the way back. It was a beautiful day when we touched down, I can’t believe how big Miami airport is.

Once I was at the hotel it was time to hit the pool. I forgot how cold hotel pool water is, being around 10 pm my time, I settled for 50 lengths before returning to the room to admire the balcony view.

By this time I was quite tired, so I turned in at somewhere around 18:30 and got a brilliant sleep in the huge bed. I’m heading back there now for a few hours before taking an early morning swim before breakfast, then it is off to the Dolphin Mall.

I will probably have to tweak this post a little when I get back and have access to my pc. Was that a gasp I just heard at the thought of an author leaving their laptop at home? I brought a notepad, but I intend to do as much as I can while I am here. Anyway, I’ve not used the WordPress app before so I imagine the images aren’t going to look quite right, so sorry about that.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you have an amazing day.

Take care