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Miami, Day Four, final day part one, bookfair. #ReadersFavoriteMiami2019 (@lisavproulx @MichaelGerhart5)

Wow, if I had only one word, to sum up, today it would be epic.

The day started with a group of authors meeting in the lobby ready for the bookfair. It was a brilliant opportunity to talk to people about their work

Once the bus arrived we were off to the bookfair. The early morning crowd was quite thin but by dinner time it was packed. I had a great time having my photo taken with fellow authors, and of course getting to meet and know Ann Boelter, Lisa V Proulx, and Michael Gerhartz.

We had an incredible time, I even managed to restrain myself after buying two books. (Don’t ask how many I got on my kindle though, but kindle books don’t count right?) It was such a great feeling to be in the thick of such an event, the streets were packed, the sun was shining, and the atmosphere was charged.

There were so many stalls, so many books, it really was a bibliophile’s dream come true. There was the chance to meet other authors, publishers, and readers.

We stayed at the fair until one, I think all of us would have liked to stay longer, it was brilliant just soaking io the atmosphere. After the fair, Lisa, Michael, and I headed off to the Dolphin Mall for a bit of last-minute shopping

Michael Gerhartz and Lisa V Proulx at the Dolphin Mall, Miami


Then it was off back to the hotel to get ready for the big night. But that, of course, is another post entirely.

Stay tuned for the final post, the Readers’ Favorite award ceremony.