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Book review: Candlewicke 13 Curse of the McRavens – Milan Sergent (@MilanSergent)

Valor McRaven had a destiny. He had heard whispers of great deeds, being the Knight of reviewNight, during his latest poison recovery. But no one said anything to him, not that they were given the chance. His parent tried their best to keep him separate, and distant from other children by hiding in the shadows. But this choice was taken from him when his family were found guilty and sent to the sanatorium. Things soon turn from bad to worse when evidence against Valor himself is found at the scene of a crime, and whispers about him being the Grim Warlock begin to spread. Will Valor be able to prove his innocence, find the truth behind the death of his twin, and uncover the truth behind the Great Deception. It is a lot of pressure for a young man to bear, but perhaps his unique abilities will allow him to rise to the challenge. One thing is for certain, if he doesn’t discover the truth a fate worse than death awaits him.

Candlewicke 13 Curse of the McRavens is the first book in Milan Sergent’s Candlewicke 13 fantasy series. This is a highly detailed book with attention paid to not only world and character building, but to providing a vast history, complete with myths, legends, fables, and bestiaries. There are different types and understandings of magic, and the views on them are varied. Vivid characters and a constant sense of foreboding drive the reader forward, searching the text for hints and clues as to who is behind the horrendous acts Victor is being accused of. The insertion of images really enhanced the chapters, and I thought the addition of the maps at the end were a great touch. Humour, drama, questions, uncertainty, and tension erupt in a world of magic where anything seems possible. Follow the trail of clues, and discover more hidden truths than you would dare imagine could be concealed.


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